Pre-Memorial Celebration

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, we celebrated our upcoming Memorial Day, We remembered all of our former residents who have served our country.

It is truly an honor to have known them and serve them. The Signature HealthCARE Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

Nursing Home Week Festivities

This week has been tons of fun with our fellow stakeholders and our residents. We have had some good treats such as ice cream and good, iced lemonade! Oh, and we can’t forget about our chips and dip day! Our Quality of Life Director, Carla Fields made us the best Rotel dip in the world!

Our Mother’s Day Luncheon

We love to celebrate here at¬†Primacy! Our Mother’s Day Luncheon was such a success. Our residents are dear to us, and we love them so much!

Our Spring Picnic

We had our spring picnic! We had a food truck that served us delicious food. Our stakeholders and residents enjoyed themselves.

Africa in April

Last week we had the pleasure of celebrating, “AFRICA IN APRIL” Our stakeholders and residents walked the runway with their African attire. Everyone looked beautiful! Go¬†Primacy!

Egg Coloring

Ms. Sutherland helped us color the eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt.

Thanks Ms. Sutherland!

Our CNA Star of the Week!

Congratulations to one of our own, CNA, April! April is such a dynamic CNA! Always coming to work with a smile on her face, prepared to do whatever she has to do to take care of our residents! We want to thank April for being apart of Primacy! Keep up the great work!

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Snow Days

Taking a look back to when we had snow days! Our patients enjoyed looking out at the beautiful snow.
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We made a beautiful snow man to compliment our building!

Our Valentine’s Day Celebration

We’re taking a look back at our past celebrations here at Primacy. We love to make our residents happy! We love to not only work hard for our residents, but we want them to still have fun and enjoy themselves!

Our Valentine’s’ Day was a huge success!

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Primacy’s Little Precious Cat

We have a cute & furry visitor most days here at Primacy! This kitty climbs our roof top to get to our courtyard. They love to sit out on the courtyard and soak up the sun. Our patients love to see them every time they pass through the courtyard!

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